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What is the first thing that comes to your mind once you hear the word “breakfast”? For me, what comes to mind is a plate full of toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Eggs have always been a staple to every breakfast meal because they are packed with nutrients and proteins that will help keep your energy levels up during the day.

However, most people I know tend to shy away from making eggs a part of their daily habit. Blame the news, studies, and findings stating how eggs are full of cholesterol and that people should not always have them for their meal since it will have negative effects to the body. I used to believe that notion too, until a recent British study opposed the entire negative claims about eggs and health.

Eggs – little food packed with big benefits

According to this British study, the cholesterol content of eggs is low – low enough that you can consume two eggs a day. That is how healthy it is for you and for all of us. Eggs also contain more vitamin D than most food. I am sure that all of us are aware that vitamin D is needed by the body to produce healthy bones to ward off osteoporosis and strong teeth.

Another study conducted by Canadian researchers revealed that eggs do not contribute to making your body’s cholesterol level worse. Actually, eggs can help maintain your cholesterol at minimum levels so that you stay healthy. They have the ability to mimic the action being performed by most cholesterol-lowering drugs out in the market.

For those who want to lose weight, eggs can actually help you lose that extra pounds. This is because eggs contain high protein levels which can make you feel full for a longer time. So you will not eat and eat.

Ways to prepare your eggs

If these studies have convinced you to make eggs a staple in your everyday meal like it did to me, you need to prepare it in different ways. Yes, you need not stick to scrambled eggs and sunny side-up eggs everyday. You can make it part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

"fried eggs"

First, you can boil a couple of eggs, mash them, then mix them with low-fat mayonnaise to make your very own egg-salad spread that you can use on bread or macaroni salads. You can also put scrambled eggs and make your own egg-waffles for breakfast.

Start your way to healthy eating, have your eggs now.

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To your food heaven

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