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We are all living in a very advanced and fast-paced world full of stress, takeaway food, coffee, and more stress. With that, it can be very difficult to keep yourself healthy and find time to exercise, especially if you have the same time schedule as me. I work throughout the day, thus I do not have any spare time to exercise. I cannot go on a diet either. Apart from I cannot find the best diet plan for myself, I feel that eating healthy foods is enough to keep myself trim and fit.

Reasons I chose eating healthy over diet

As mentioned earlier, I am always on the go. And most of the diet plans out there will usually require a person to cutback on certain type of foods like carbohydrates or even decrease food intake which I cannot take. I need all the energy I can get to last the whole day. And I cannot skip carbohydrates because they keep me full for longer periods of time.

Eating vitamins and minerals-rich foods is the best alternative that I can suggest to those who want to alter their lifestyle practices and make them a little healthier. By consuming good foods and the right amount as well, diet and meal plans will no longer have a place in your life.

Guide to eating healthy

Do not skip breakfast. I know you have probably heard of this a thousand or perhaps a million times over. Yes, take it from me. If you want to stay healthy, do not skip breakfast because this is the most important meal of the day. This serves as your fuel to last the whole day. I eat heartily during breakfast. Usually I consume wheat bread with eggs, or cornflakes with full cream milk and toast – anything that has carbohydrates.

"no coffee"Skip the coffee. Having caffeine in the morning is not really recommended, well for some. For me, I would rather have a full cup of fresh juice. If you do not have time to use the blender in the morning, I suggest that you do it at night, and keep the juice stored in the fridge so that it will still be good.

Have light snacks in between meals. Go for energy bars or an apple for energy boost. This will keep you from feeling fatigue.

Lunch is important too. Yes, do not skip lunch as well. If you had a heavy breakfast, you can have less food at lunch but still eat.


End the day with a light dinner. You can have tossed salad or soup and cap the night off with a warm glass of milk.

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To your food heaven

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