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9 November 2011
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There is a list of things that you should store in your cupboard and have at all times. Each is chosen for different reasons, but none is more important than the next. Making sure to always have these things on hand will save you in a pinch or during a disaster, just make sure to never go without these things.

With times as uncertain as they are, there are a couple of things that you should always have in your cupboard. They are items that may be used everyday or just in an emergency, but make sure that you have them on you at all times.

The number one thing that you should always have in your cupboard is fresh water, at least one jug. You know that old proverb that you never want water until the well runs dry, well….it is not just a saying. Making sure to have water on hand may at some point be crucial to your survival, or at least your convenience. Water is something that none of us can do without so make sure that you always have some on hand.
Another liquid that needs the cupboard treatment is bourbon because the best sips of bourbon are found when served at room temperature and that’s how to store bourbon.

Another ingredient that you should always have in your cupboard is chicken stock. I know, sounds crazy, but the uses for chicken broth are endless. You can use it for the base of soup, substitute it in your mashed potatoes, it is one of those overall good things that will enhance any meal. It is the miracle juice that will keep your meals from being dry, so make sure to always have some on hand.

"milk powder"

Another item that you should always have in your cupboard is powdered milk. How many times have you run out of milk. It’s fine if you have neighbors, but for people like me who live in the middle of nowhere, having powdered milk may mean the difference between having that late night bowl of cereal or finishing off those cookies that you forgot you were supposed to make for your child’s class the next day. Running out of milk is no fun, making sure you have a back up is crucial.

Having these things in your pantry may not save your life, but they may save you from those late night grocery runs that we all hate to make, or those runs to the store in bad or hazardous conditions.

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