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I am a big fan of herbs and spices and have a cupboard full of them. It is often the case that a meal will need dressing up with a nice bit of seasoning past the usual salt and pepper.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to start a herbs and spices cupboard, in fact I started mine off, by buying things bit by bit. In the UK for example spices usually cost around £0.50 each and as you are not using the same spice each and every day they last quite a while and then all you need to do is top them up.

For example I will use my mixed herbs and mixed spice rather regularly and these will run out once every three weeks, but my Nutmeg that I use for puddings and cheese sauces will easily last months.

I recommend that you have a variety for the different type of cooking that you do. If you eat a lot of steak it is a good idea to have some powdered mustard available. Just like if you eat lots of Chicken, Tarragon goes very well with it and can add a lovely bit of flavour to it.

I also enjoy chinese 5 spice whenever I have a stir fry too and all in all I probably have around 30 different herbs and spices in my cupboard and they all get used throughout the month. But don’t worry I don’t put them all in one dish at once!!!!

"Herbs and spices cupboard"

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