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Right now global warming features in the media on a constant basis and we are all asked to make our effort to do something to help our planet. Many years ago if you did want to help you was considered as a new age hippy whilst now it is classed as perfectly normal to want to make an effort.

But the question is:

What have you done for your food contribution?

Yes that is right the perfect place to start making an effort for our world is with your kitchen. I am sure many of us will not be alone with the high powered electrical equipement that we have at the ready to use in our cooking world. I am ashamed to say that for far too long this was me too.

Now though since moving countries I have finally ditched the deep fat fryer and the microwave. Along with the tumble dryer that now we live in a warm country there is absolutely no need to keep.

I have always been a huge fan of fresh food and avoid processed food like the plague. However I still used a microwave for the odd thing including heating up a can of baked beans or making myself a quick jacket potato.


But then I had it brought to my attention how much carbon ommission is wasted with heating up one can of beans and it soon made me change my mind. I now heat them up in the pan on the stove and is uses far less energy and it makes me feel better that I am making an effort for the planet.

We all want to give something back and this is the easiest way to start. I am not saying go out and get rid of everything electrical in your kitchen just ditch anything you could comfortably live without. If you are a family of six getting rid of your washing machine would be crazy as would your food processor but the little things in between can easily be axed.

Now go and write a list down of things in your kitchen that can go and then sell them, make a little profit and spend it on some recycling goods. Trust me you will feel very good about doing it!

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To your food heaven


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