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18 July 2012
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18 July 2012, Comments 0

Bloody Mary Cocktail with Bacon!

At a recent celebration (yes alright I will admit it was my Birthday and I am not getting any younger.) we visited the cocktail lounge The Fix bar at the Surfers Paradise Hilton.

I know I am quite partial to Bloody Mary’s as I enjoy the spiciness of them and the burning aftertaste they leave in your mouth. So when I spotted something that included bacon essence AND Bacon I couldn’t resist!

I didn’t watch the Bartender make it but I have some photos for you (apologies about the darkness…it is a lounge bar after all)

Recipe includes;

Fix BBQ Mary
Belvedere vodka washed with bacon essence.

Shaken with our secret homemade spiced mary mix.

Served long and crowned with a piece of well cooked bacon and a twist of black pepper.

A progressive take on the all time classic Bloody mary.

Bloody Mark Cocktail with Bacon










Stay tuned for more yummy food and drink ideas in my Dining out for life Adventures.

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