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I am a big fan of good quality meals that can be whipped quickly for today’s busy family. When my son finishes school I just want to spend time with him – not drag him in the kitchen for the entire evening.

Also, as someone that lives in a hot seaside climate, fish is always top of the menu as a great cheap option.  I have put together two of my favourite fish suppers, that are not only cheap to make and healthy but are also quick to cook. Your family will be amazed at what you have put together and it can be our little secret where you found the fish meals from!!!

Steamed Haddock With Warm Potatoes


4 Haddock Fillets (you can swap these for Hake if you prefer)

200g Frozen Peas

200ml Garlic Soft Cheese

1 Lemon Vest and Juice

1tbsp Mustard

Bunch Spring Onions

A Dash Olive Oil

800g Peeled Small Potatoes


"steamed haddock with warm potatoes"Place your fish fillets into a steamer or microwave dish with the lemon vest and juice. In the meantime boil the peas in boiling water for one minute and then drain.

Roughly slice the spring onions, then fry in the pan with a small amount of olive oil and add the peas and potatoes and warm through.

Cook the fish in either the microwave for 3 minutes on full power or in a steamer for six minutes. Then add it to the rest of the mixture that is in the frying pan. Cook for a further 2 minutes until cooked through, add the cheese, mustard and then serve.

Tuna Steaks Italian Style


4 Tuna Steaks

1 Lemon Vest & Juice

Handful Basil Leaves

Dash Olive Oil

Handful Toasted Pine Nuts


"tuna steak"Marinate the tuna steaks with the olive oil and  the lemon for 10 minutes. The griddle or shallow fry for 1-2 minutes turning once. Season it well to your requirements but make sure you don’t overcook the tuna as it wont taste very nice.

Squeeze over the remains of the lemon and scatter the fresh basil over the top. Then add the pine nuts and serve.

Both of these meals can be changed to suit your personal preferences and are very easy mid week meals to have with your family.

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