21 October 2009, Comments 0

If you are looking for something easy to put together that will not cost much to make it doesn’t get any better than this tuna pasta bake. It is also a great way of using up your leftover pasta with some lovely seasoning.

My Tuna Pasta Bake


30g margarine

4 tbs flour
2 cups milk

½ cup grated cheese

salt & pepper

1 can tuna, drained.
2 cups of pasta shells


"Tuna pasta bake"Make white sauce with marg, flour, milk, salt & pepper. Add cheese
and tuna. Heat through.

Cook pasta until ready or if you are not sure look at the packet when ready take of the heat and refresh under cold water.

Then drain add to the cheese/tuna sauce mix well heat through then serve.

You can also make it in larger portions and then save some for your kids packed lunch the following day.

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