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Whilst it is true that all vegetables are healthy I am often asked what are the top 5 healthy vegetables to eat.

Well, my top five are as follows but remember this is only my opinion.

 I would have to put spinach at the top of my list. Up until recently I absolutely hated the taste of spinach but I have recently tasted it cooked with garlic and it was absolutely delicious. None of the horrible taste that I can remember from my childhood, in fact if I had closed my eyes it would have been completely unrecognisable plus it is full of iron and many other nutrients.

 Next on the list would have to be carrots. Full of goodness and like many people I don’t mind eating them cooked or raw, my favourite way of eating carrots are grated over a salad, lovely especially on a summers day.

 "onions"What about onions, if it wasn’t for my new found love of spinach then onions would definitely be on top of the list. I love them so much I could eat them raw. I would recommend that you have a look at the many different types of onions that are available as the tastes are quite varied.

 Whilst I’m on the subject of onions what about garlic. A regular dose of garlic is said to ward of all sorts of illnesses and it can be added to a variety of different meals. The only problem is the smell on your breath the following morning so if you are going to work the next day make sure that you have a supply of mints.

 Last but not least I would have to say Brussels sprouts. This is another vegetable that I absolutely used to despise when I was a child but now I love them Try them at Christmas cooked with chestnuts and served with Turkey and they go down an absolute treat.

 So there you have it, my top 5 healthy vegetables to eat and each one, as well as doing you the world of good, tastes absolutely delicious.

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To your food heaven


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