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If you are anything like me you will know how important it is to have good eating habits in order to see you through the day and have quality of life. We all need to look and feel our best and if our eating habits slip we will feel it pretty quickly. I am not saying that we should eat perfectly all the time because if we did we would soon revert back to our old ways. It is much better just to balance it out so that we have more good than bad.

Here are my top five eating tips that will improve your day and give you much better energy levels:

"breakfast"1. Eat breakfast – yes I appreciate that this is something that you hear all the time but it is very important. Even if you are not a breakfast person just by having something small that consists of more than a black coffee will give your body a huge boast. Try something like a nice yoghurt with a piece of fruit or a smoothie that you made and placed in the fridge the night before. If you would like to have a hot breakfast go for something healthy like scrambled eggs with a glass of fresh orange juice. If you eat a good breakfast like this it will also stop you from snacking during mid morning and give you the energy to work well throughout the morning.

2. Control your sugar intake – Too much sugar in your diet can seriously damage your body and wherever possible it should be reduced. Think of instances when you have sugar and plan different ways of reducing it for example if you drink cans of coke replace it with the diet version. Also if you like t0 have a slice of cake during your break at work replace it with a biscuit instead. Not only will too much sugar damage your energy levels but it can also have serious long term effects on your teeth.

3. Avoid eating too much frozen food – If you eat too much frozen food you are at risk of not getting the right nutrients or too many of the bad ones through frozen foods. You need to make sure that your body gets more fresh than frozen. A little frozen from time to time doesn’t do you any harm but you should never rely on it. For example in my freezer we will regularly have garden peas that will be added to a home made stir fry but the rest of the meal will be completely fresh.

4. Avoid junk food overload – We all have a soft spot for junk food and it can taste pretty good from time to time and if you have a busy life it is very handy. But its bad for you and your body and you should limit the amount of it that you have. For example if you like to have a McDonalds only go to the restaurant once a month instead of every week. If you like chips or a curry make it yourself it will taste so much better and will be much lower in fat.

5. Don’t skip meals – By skipping meals your body will then crave certain nutrients and this will make you want bad foods more often. This is often were the idea of binge eating comes from as you force your body not to eat and then when you cant take anymore you tend to ramp lots of food in during a short space of time. If your not a big eater go for more meals but in lower portions this way your body will be much more energetic.

These are just my top 5 eating tips that will improve your day take note of them and see what a difference they can make to you.

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