Top 10 food downgrade solutions for improving your diet

1 July 2010, Comments 0

Just by making some simple changes to your diet and by downgrading some of the different foods that you eat can make all of the difference and enable you to lose weight in both a fun way and without you having to think to much about it.

Here are my top 10 food downgrade solutions for improving your diet.

1/ When ordering a Chinese takeaway meal it can make a huge difference if you order boiled rice rather than egg fried rice. A portion of boiled rice contains around 370 calories where as a portion of egg fried rice is more than double this amount. When you realise this fact and take it into account it makes the choice of boiled rice a little easier to make.

"whole wheat bread"2/ Wholemeal bread is a wiser choice than white bread. A good quality wholemeal bread is full of goodness compared to the white alternative which contains all sorts of chemicals and surprisingly sugar which makes a slice of white toast not such an attractive option.

3/ The same thing goes for brown rice over white rice. Brown rice is in fact one of the most healthy foods your could choose and should always be used instead of white rice wherever possible.

4/ If you drink full fat milk it is well worth opting for the semi skimmed variety, even if it is only for a few times a week. Full fat milk as the name suggests, is very fattening and if you are drinking a lot of it you will find that you are not doing any favours to your arteries.

5/ If you are preparing a lovely roast chicken it will not make much difference to the taste if you remove the skin but it will make all of the difference to your waistline because the skin on a chicken is extremely fattening, and takes away the benefits of eating white meat if you leave the skin on when the chicken is being served.

6/ A great food downgrade solution that many people don’t really think about is by using crème freche instead of cream in your cooking or when serving a desert. Please believe me when I say that the taste is absolutely gorgeous and it is far less fattening compared to the more traditional cream.

7/ Instead of ordering a Chinese or Indian takeaway have a go at cooking your own. It is great fun and you will find that compared to the usual takeaways, yours will have far less calories if that is your aim. Many Indian meals for example contain food that is deep fried as well as many dishes that are cooked with cream. It is true that they are lovely, but by cooking you own you will find that the quality will surprise you and they will contain far less calories.

8/ When you are going about your weekly shopping try and go for the low fat varieties of many of your usual day to day food. Examples are low fat margarine, yoghurt’s, sauces etc.

9/ Cheese is always a favourite for so many people but the full fat versions are bad for your heart if you over indulge. Choose a cheese that is lower in fat such as cottage cheese and hard cheeses.

10/ Finally, think about how you cook your food. If you fry your food use a good quality oil such as olive oil instead of lard or a cheap cooking oil. If the food you are cooking can be poached or oven baked then choose that option instead, it really will make all of the difference.

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