The Splendiferous Five: Common Things That Make You Go 'Mmmm'

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17 October 2023
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17 October 2023, Comments 0

In our busy lives, it can be easy to forget all of life’s small pleasures that bring us pleasure – like taking time for ourselves or having something truly satisfying come our way. Let’s look at five such pleasures that add delight to everyday experiences.

The First Sip of Coffee in the Morning

Nothing beats that first sip of coffee in the morning for sheer invigoration! Nothing compares to its rich aroma gently pulling us out of sleepy stupor, and welcoming a new day with each sip – no matter whether your preference lies with lattes, espresso or black coffee! That initial sip can work like magic for some folks – instantly turning night owls into morning larks who cannot help but exhale with contented satisfaction with every satisfying “mmmm”.

Slipping into Freshly Laundered Sheets 

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as sinking into freshly laundered sheets for the first time after they have been freshly washed – that cool crisp sensation against your skin feels like being hugged by one of nature’s softest embraces, soothing you towards peaceful sleep. And nothing compares with that faint scent of laundry detergent mixing with cotton’s natural aroma for an experience no luxury brand could duplicate! Cradling yourself within this cocoon of freshness it becomes hard not to let out a satisfied “mmmm,” before retreating back into reality or dreams beyond.

Raindrops on Window Panes

Splatter, splatter, patter patter – raindrops dancing against windowpanes is an irresistibly soothing sight and sound, like watching tiny water droplets race past one another down the glass like an impressionist painting. Paired with soft murmur of rainfall it creates a soothing lullaby that both comforts and mesmerizes; whether reading quietly beside the window or simply staring outward it makes for a deeply satisfying “mmmm” moment!

The Smell of Old Books

There’s something inexplicablely magical about the scent of old books; an intriguing blend of paper, ink, and time that transports you to another realm far, far away. Every avid reader knows this musty yet slightly sweet aroma; one whiff takes you back into time; every page unfolds another tale before even turning its first page! Whether a Dickensian novel or Bronte classic; their musty yet sweet fragrance takes us back through time; like entering an time machine; each page turns another chapter backwards while time travel takes us back through time to another era or world altogether.

Comfort Food

Everyone knows a dish that triggers an automatic “mmmm”. Be it homemade cookies from Grandma, hot chicken soup on a cold winter night, or simply an easy grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup – we all have that one comfort dish that brings on that involuntary “mmmm”. Comfort food has the uncanny ability to bring back fond memories, ease our souls and mend a broken heart – one tasty bite at a time! Comfort food appeal isn’t solely about its taste; its allure lies in the memories it recalls, the comfort it represents, and the love with which it’s usually prepared. Comfort food transcends culinary pleasure to become something warmer, homelier, and happiness in one dish! Nothing quite beats that blissful “mmmm-oment” after devouring a hearty meal – an emotional journey through memory lane with every bite taken!

That said, we all experience that familiar sound of “mmmm”, punctuating our daily lives with moments that add an air of enchantment to everyday experiences. Simple pleasures bring us happiness: from the smell of old books to comfort food’s hearty comforts to other discoveries yet to be experienced, these are what fill our senses and hearts with pleasure. They’re the small pleasures that add spice and delight to our lives, evoking an involuntary smile or contented “mmmm.” Indeed, sensory pleasures like these not only brighten our days but also remind us to appreciate life for what it has to offer. Next time you find yourself immersed in a book or devouring your comfort dish, take a moment to appreciate its pleasures – from reading an engaging page to tasting that perfect bite – remember life offers plenty of “mmmm” moments that deserve attention and appreciation.

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