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When I look back at my childhood the one bit of baking that I enjoyed doing the most was making pizza’s when my school friends came round for tea after school. It was wonderful making them from scratch and rolling out the dough before deciding what to put on top of them. There would be three or four of us yet each one of us would have a pizza that would look unique to us.

I have recently managed to get my hands on my mums pizza dough recipe and make a few adjustments whilst making a couple of pizzas with my son and here is the recipe just for my blog readers……


1 Tablespoon active dry yeast

500g Plain Flour

250ml Tepid Water

1 Teaspoon Olive Oil


Using clean hands you need to mix the flour, yeast and water together then leave a damp cloth over the top in a warm room for 30 minutes. Once you have done this put it on a flat worktop and roll it out until you have the right shaped pizza base. Now place some oil over it.

"perfect pizza dough"

Then add the tomato sauce followed by any toppings of your choice, I will leave it to your own imagination to make it unique to you.

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To your food heaven


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