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Have you ever eaten out at any of the famous restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster and TGI Fridays and wondered how they are able to cook dishes that have that unique taste to them and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot recreate them in your own kitchen, there is always just that something that is not quite right.

The reason for this is that these restaurant chains keep their recipe’s under lock and key, after all, the main reason people eat there is because of the unique dishes that they have to offer, but unfortunately for the general public, these dishes come at a price and you will only know to well that feeling when the bill starts to get bigger and bigger, and that is just when you order the starters.

Well. I have some great news for you and that is in the form of an amazing ebook, copycat cookbook. This ebook actually gives the actual recipes for many of the dishes that are available at more or less every restaurant chain that you could ever think off, even Mcdonalds! What’s more, these recipes are set out in a way that even the person with absolutely no cooking experience would be able to put together a meal to the same standard that would be available if you were eating at the restaurant itself.

Each recipe is on a separate page of the ebook so it is just a case of printing it out and following it step by step as you go along. Every step has been taken to make the whole cooking process really easy and if you are anything like me you just won’t believe the dishes that you are able to produce.

I would not be exaggerating if I said you could download the ebook now, and have a dish that you would pay a small fortune for at TGI Fridays, on the table in front of you in under one hour, and on top of that, nobody would be able to tell the difference.

The money saving aspect of the copycat cookbook is also worth mentioning at this point and you could easily recoup the cost of the ebook when you have cooked your first dish, how about that? I can’t really recommend the copycat cookbook highly enough and it is my opinion that it is essential reading for anyone who enjoys their food and wants to save some money into the bargain.

You can find out more about the copycat recipe book by clicking here.

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