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The 10 golden rules that must be followed for student food budgeting will keep you from overspending, buying junk, and keeping your young one healthy. The number one rule is to buy fresh. There are whole industries that have been developed to convince us that we need things that we actually don’t.

Never is that more true than the marketing to our kids. Buying fresh ingredients instead of purchasing prepackaged goods is the best way to keep your kids healthy and to keep your budget low.

The second rule is to purchase things in bulk. Buying in bulk these days is the best way to gain some substantial savings. When you purchase items in large quantities the price per item is significantly less, saving you money. Rule number three is that juice boxes are a waste of money.

Purchase your child a thermos and save not only the environment but save a lot of money. Refilling a thermos can save you an incredible amount of money each year if you really add it up. Also, you can control better the amount of calories by choosing better liquid choices.

The fourth rule to student food budgeting is to have them bring their lunch to school. It may seem like buying lunches at school is pennies, but when you add it all up, it really can add up to some substantial money. Having them bring their lunch also gives you better control over their nutrition.

The fifth rule is to use refillable containers versus disposable. Instead of using ziploc bags, use containers that can be reused over and again. Not only will you be saving money but you will be going green as well.

"student food budgeting"The sixth rule is to use a lunch box instead of a paper sack. Again, choosing to reuse is the best way to cut costs on lunches everyday. The seventh rule is to know exactly what your child does and doesn’t eat. You would be shocked to know what they don’t like and waste by throwing out.

Rule number 8, no desert. Those deserts not only add a lot of money to your budget but a lot of calories to their diet.

Rule number 9, don’t purchase bags of chips, buy a bag and divvy up. Those little individual bags can really add up and most of the time there are several bags in the packs that no one likes and gets thrown out.

Finally, the 10th rule is to watch portion size. Your children only have a small amount of time to eat, leading most of whatever is not eaten to be thrown out. They are not going away for a week, just a couple of hours so don’t think that you have to feed them like it’s their last meal everyday.

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