Taking advantage of your fresh herb pots in the garden

25 July 2010, Comments 0

It doesn’t really matter what kind of house you live in, there is nothing stopping you from taking advantage of your fresh herb pots in the garden. You could even live in a top floor flat and you could still have a wide range of fresh herb pots at your disposal which would enhance any level of cookery.

There are many herbs that you could use and the only maintenance that they really need are placing in an area where they will get plenty of light (a window sill) for example and that they are watered on a regular basis.

It is really down to you which herbs you choose for your fresh herb pots but I always tell people to experiment a little and you may be surprised by some of the flavours that these herb pots can bring into your cookery experiences. One such herb that always raises a few eye brows is the curry plant. This herb is really easy to maintain and as the name suggests it really does smell strongly of curry but in a really pleasant way and it gives a lovely background smell whilst you are cooking.

There are also the more well known herbs such as Basil and Parsley and believe me when I tell you that you will be able to smell and taste the difference between these fresh herbs and the dried variety that most people are used to. When you combine these herbs with fresh food you will really not want to go back to anything that is not fresh. The flavours really are something else and to say your taste buds will notice the difference is something of an understatement.

When taking advantage of your fresh herb pots in the garden it is important that you use the herbs at the right time. They do have a long life if you look after them and you can keep taking bits off to use in your cookery but as they start to dry up and die it is not worth using them. If you are green fingered you could grow other plants from the original but they are so cheap from the markets and supermarkets that it doesn’t really matter, you can just go out and buy another plant.

"fresh herb pots"

The sooner you start taking advantage of your fresh herb pots in the garden, the better, and you will be amazed at the difference in the taste of your cooking.

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