Send Your Children To School With Something Healthy For The Playground

30 October 2010, Comments 0

With the fast pace of society seemingly gaining speed as each year passes, the temptation for parents to allow their children to eat what they like, if its a quick fix, is also increasing.  The fast food outlets offer an easy alternative to a packed lunch and enable time saving solutions.  However, if they were to step back and just take a moment to think about what they’re subjecting their kids to, most would be horrified and start to realise that maybe they should be looking to a more healthy routine.

 Many children would be happy to take a packed lunch to school, as it saves them time queuing up in dinner lines, and thus allows them more time in the playground.  The key here is to fill the lunch box with something they’ll eat, but at the same time is full of all things good for them.  The food is only healthy for the child if they are actually going to eat it!

 Most parents automatically think of sandwiches when they think of a pack-up, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Fruit and Vegetables are crucial to child’s development and encouraging these is often easier said than done, but perseverance is the key here.  Fruit smoothies are a great starting point, they possess just what were looking for and taste great to kids.  It should be possible to develop this and introduce things like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, melon balls and slices of mango.

 What is vital to the kids are the right food types, containing near to ideal amounts of nutrients, calories, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins, cholesterol and of course fat.  It will be near impossible to get all these at the recommended levels, but the more you can get to a healthy level, naturally the better.

 Great little extras to include in their pack would be things like strawberries, peanut butter, bananas and apples, these all are extremely good for them, but also have a taste that usually appeals to the younger palate.  Yogurts, bread sticks, cheese strings and rice cakes also seem to go down quite well.

 "healthy eating at school"

If you want to make sandwiches use wholegrain bread, and use fillings such as chicken, tuna and salmon.  What everybody is after is giving them the energy to be able to not only learn, but also play to the best of their ability and maximize their potential.  If a child is filling him or herself with what basically amounts to junk food, then there is every likelihood that they will become tired during lessons and struggle to retain concentration.

 Fundamentally, what every parent ought to be aiming at is educating their children about the importance of healthy eating to such an extent, that they take it with them into their adult life.

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