Restaurants and Technology: How They're Changing the Way We Dine

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21 February 2022
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21 February 2022, Comments 0

Technology has been changing the way we live our lives for years. Now it’s starting to change the way we eat. Restaurants are using technology in new and innovative ways to improve customers’ dining experience. From ordering food to interactive menus, restaurants are incorporating technology into their business more than ever before.

The Impact of Technology on the Restaurant Workforce

Technology has come a long way in the restaurant industry. No longer do servers have to handwrite tickets and memorize orders; now, they can take orders on tablets and printers. Here are some areas that show how restaurants have utilized technology to provide a better experience:


One of the biggest changes technology has brought about in restaurants is how it has changed the restaurant workforce. Waiters and waitresses can now use their mobile devices or tablet computers to take orders directly from customers at their table, which takes stress off of them because they don’t have to worry about taking down orders while juggling multiple tables.

Technology saves time and improves service. Since technology can do things like print orders faster than a server can write them down, whether, on a tablet or printer, it has become much more efficient for restaurants to use digital menus instead of physical ones.

Interactive Menus

Another way that technology has changed the restaurant industry is with interactive menus. These are online or digital menus that are loaded onto tablets or other mobile devices that allow customers to look at the menu and select their orders before ever getting to the restaurant.

This takes out the guesswork for people dining out because they can research what type of food is offered at a certain location, see nutritional information about each dish, and even calculate portions for special diets like gluten-free or vegan. They can also access the menu from the comfort of their own home or their mobile device, so they can see if a restaurant has a specific type of food that will fit into a certain diet.

Online Reservations and Ordering System

Another big change that technology has made to the restaurant industry is how it is now possible to make reservations online. Restaurants are now able to set up their own websites with online booking features, which makes it much easier for busy individuals to make a reservation on their time and on their own schedule.

This also benefits restaurants because they can then see who is coming in and can plan their staffing needs ahead of time. It’s also easier for the restaurant to keep track of reservations, as they can now simply check a spreadsheet instead of using old-fashioned pen and paper. Cloud computing technology hosted by organisations like OnPlatinum only make accessing technology by restaurants and diners easier and more streamlined.

Staff Management

Technology also makes it easier to manage a restaurant’s staff. Using a tablet or smartphone, it’s now possible for managers to keep track of who is working, who has clocked in and out, and how much time they have worked, which can help with payroll issues because all the information is recorded digitally.

It also helps with scheduling since managers can use a mobile device to write down the schedule and then send it directly to a staff member’s phone. There’s no need for old-fashioned paper schedules or time cards that get lost! Everything else is securely stored in the cloud – meaning that all this information stays saved on a server instead of an individual device.

The Bottomline

Overall, technology has changed not only how restaurants operate but also improved the customer experience as well. From interactive menus to online reservations, tablet devices at tables to mobile ordering systems, customers can benefit from all that tech has to offer because it makes things easier and more efficient for servers and staff members. All of these are made possible while also providing an easy way for customers to find out about a restaurant’s menu, special occasions, and deals.

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