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5 July 2012
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5 July 2012, Comments 0

I recently had the good luck to find an American style BBQ place locally that obviously specialized in that great American tradition of charcoal slow cooked meats.

I don’t know about you but the description alone sounds tempting doesn’t it!!

I managed to pry the plate out of my lady’s hand long enough to get a quick photo before we both sampled the food and I will tell you now it was heaven.

An American style coleslaw on the side, Battered fries and vinegar based North Carolina style pulled pork on a crusty bread roll.

It was as good as it looks in this photo to the point we both complimented the wait staff and will endeavor to get back to that place again in the near future.

For anyone in the Newfarm area of Queensland Australia its a must have place to try. BlueSmokeBBQ

Stay tuned for more delights in my Dining out for life food journey.


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