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So you have started to plan your Christmas dinner and then you realise how much it is going to cost you for all the things you are going to need and let’s face it there is a lot. And also you do like to impress if all the family are coming around.

 So whilst I have being organising my own Christmas lunch which isn’t for a lot of people I was wondering what could be done to save money but not let on to your friends and family members that you have.

 And in tough times like these you will want to save where you can. So I have given a lot of thought to these tips and done quite a lot of research. So a first tip would be to buy your wine in bulk.

 If you know your family like wine if you buy it in bulk then it will cost less than buying individually. For my second tip you can save on the kind of meat you want to eat. There are more and more people opting for different kinds of meat other than turkey.

 And cuts of pork are generally cheaper and maybe you could substitute Chicken for turkey because after you have plied them with the wine they won’t care what kind of meat they are eating. LOL.

 If you know who’s coming to dinner in advance you can try to buy things early as the prices do tend to go up the closer to Christmas it gets. Another saving tip is to try and make as much stuff yourself as you can.

 To give you one example the little pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon) in the supermarket are really dear. But you can make your own for a lot less and its good fun as well.

 If you are a quite competent baker then I would try doing my own Christmas cake as this is a great way to save money. If you are really struggling for money you could always ask people to do a certain course of the dinner.

 A few years back we did this, and we had the vegetables to cook and a cheesy vege bake. Someone else did the turkey, another the condiments, someone else the spuds and then someone else did the deserts.

"christmas fruitcake"

 This worked out great for everyone and if it is well planned and thought out between everyone it really is a cost effective way of having a great time at Christmas for very little cost.

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