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To kick off my traditional Christmas dinner it has to start with a traditional starter to get every body ready for the turkey main course. To make life easier and to enjoy your christmas menu even more I have opted for a traditonal prawn cocktail. This is a fantastic starter to do and has been a popular favourite since the 1970’s and is one of my wife’s all time favourites.


So this week I will be talking you through all the Christmas dinner food that you need to prepare.


One of the great benefits of choosing a traditional prawn cocktail as your starter is that it can be prepared the day before giving you even more time to spend with family over Christmas.


So here is my traditional prawn cocktail




450g peeled, cooked prawns

200g salad cream

3 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tbsp lemon juice

Few drops Tabasco

3 heads gem lettuce




Make sure the prawns are drained well of their liquid. Mix the salad cream, ketchup, lemon juice and Tabasco in a bowl. Tip in the prawns and mix well to coat them in the Marie-Rose sauce.


Finally shred the lettuce, and arrange as a bed on six small plates or dessert glasses. Divide the prawns in their sauce on the centre of each plate in a kind of pyramid, and then dust with paprika.


As long as the prawns were properly thawed and drained before you started mixing them in their famous marie-rose pink sauce, it does not matter if they sit for a good few hours in the fridge before being turned out onto their lettuce-lined dishes.


For a quick starter I think you cant beat a prawn cocktail to get you started as it is very light on your tummy and wont fill you up so you will be ready for your main course.


If you are watching your weight you can always make your own marie rose sauce from scratch using diet mayonnaise then you won’t feel as guilty when you tuck into the turkey later on.


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To your food heaven


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