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When the winter weather starts drawing in, especially over here in Portugal when you are used to it being very hot for along period of time, I start to crave some hot filling tasty dishes.

 I’m talking about your stew and dumplings, meat pies, homemade soups. Just good old fashioned homemade food. These foods make you feel lovely and warm inside and keep out the chill which can only be a good thing.

 So I will just put down 5 of my top winter foods that I like to cook with my family around this time of the year.

 1, Traditional Beef Stew I love making Beef stew and with some dumplings it is so filling. Stew is so versatile, after you have made your stew if you have some left you can make a meat and potato pie with the leftovers. 2 meals for the price of 1.

"Beef Stew"

 2, Steak and Ale Pie I love this mix of beef with the taste of Guinness and the puff pastry. The pie will go with anything I personally like the pie with some mash potatoes and Swede and carrots mixed and mashed together.

"Steak and Ale Pie"

 3, Cottage pie I love this dish as it feels like you have done a meat meal with potatoes and veg but really all of the potatoes and veg are mixed in with meat so it is very easy to cook and very filling. The crispy potatoes on the top when you take it out of the oven are to just die for.

"Cottage Pie"

 4, Minestrone Soup For a soup I love Minestrone with its warm colour spaghetti pasta and vegetables. I like to dip some bread in with my soup I can’t resist. Soups are generally a starter but with this one being so robust is great for a main meal.

"Minestrone Soup"

 5, English Roast This is one of my all time favourites. I love an English roast Dinner whether it is a beef, lamb, pork or a chicken it doesn’t matter. This is probably the most difficult out of the 5 to do as you can have any veg or combination of potatoes that you want it is such a diverse meal.

"English Roast"

 I hope you have enjoyed reading my favourite winter warmers and I hope you do give them a try.

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To your food heaven


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