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Everyone has great intentions when the go to the grocery store to purchase the week’s food. However, life gets busy and sometimes we end up letting things go bad or even rot before we realize we have not had a chance to eat it yet. This is a big waste of food, but an even bigger waste of money. Therefore, you need to be thinking about using some long term food storage tips in order to preserve your food and your wallet!

My first tip would be to purchase a vacuum sealer. These inexpensive little gadgets come in very handy for leftovers, soups, cut up veggies and meats. You can purchase in bulk and not be worried that your food will go bad in a week. That being said, you still need to read the directions to make sure that you know what you can and cannot seal up and for how long you can keep it.

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I like to buy meats in bulk when they are on sale and then freeze them. Try this trick: Bring the meat home, open it up, wash what needs to be washed and freeze it in freezer bags separately. This way, if you only need one piece of chicken you can just take out one bag instead of opening a large package.

Also, make sure to store your sugar and flour in a sealed container to keep moisture and insects out of it.

There are many food storage tips you can find online as well if you just do a bit of research!

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