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At home I only have a small freezer because I don’t need a large one and have a bigger fridge than freezer. It is important that we do not live off frozen food as it is so bad for you and you don’t get the nutrients that you need.

I appreciate that we are all very busy and we want food in a rush (I too work long hours, but still make sure I have time to cook fresh food in the kitchen with my son). The most important part is to organise your time effectively so that you can cook lovely food without worrying about the time it takes.

When I worked full time in the office I would prepare dinner before work than there was less to do when I was tired and didn’t want to cook.


My Freezer

My Freezer

However even though I cook mainly fresh food (I still can’t resist a nice fish finger buttie) I still need a freezer especially to freeze fresh food that I have made for future cooking. This is also a good idea if you work long hours as you can do extra and then when you have a very long day you just need to heat up your dinner.

Even if I had four kids the size of this freezer would be fine and it makes me feel like I am doing my best to cut down on my food waste.

The kind of things that I have in my freezer include:

Fresh Meat (minced beef, chicken)

Butter Cream

Spare Shortcrust Pasty

Cooked Mincemeat Filling

Spare Biscuit Mixture


Frozen Peas



The Contents Of My Freezer

If I have made a vegetable bake or a pasta bake at some point during the week I will always cook extra so that I can freeze some for that evening when even the most energetic of us are too tired to cook dinner.You also have the benefit of knowing that the food you are preparing from the freezer that you made, you know exactly what is in it so you can avoid all the unwanted E numbers.

You can have beautiful food without feeling like you have gained weight and have the meals that you normally get in bakeries and restaurants without the inflated price. For example I love a mincemeat pastie and it doesn’t require much meat to make it. So I have a recycled Ice Cream tub full of mixed mincemeat with poatato ready for when I next make some shortcrust pastry. Then it is a five minute job and I can feel proud of my organisation skills.

If you do live out of the freezer through frozen food from the local supermarket this is your time to make a difference to your diet and live in a much healthier way.

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To your food heaven



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