25 June 2011, Comments 0

Last month I bought my very first steamer after years of threatening to do so and I am in love with it. I have always thought of steaming as a great way to combine cooking your meat, potato and vegetables all at once without the usual hassles that go with it.

For starters the cleaning that you have to do is a lot less and I can easily clean mine up afterwards in a few short minutes. In comparison to having pans and oven trays to sort out it is a dream.

Now for the taste….

Well, what can I say – it is like having organic fruit and vegetables. Because when you boil them they often lose their amazing flavour but through a steamer it keeps the taste. You can feel every last taste of your leeks not to mention how amazing asparagus tastes with it.

I also found that Chicken tasted amazing steamed too. We had ours with garlic butter and the flavours were out of this world.

"steamer"Plus there is the timing of the matter – I couldn’t believe it when my steamed chicken, potato and three vegetables were all cooked in less than eight minutes.

As you know I am a very busy working mum and something that is so easy to cook with and that cooks in such a small time threshold has to be classed as a miracle.

It has now gained its place in my kitchen next to my slow cooker, as yet another machine that belongs in mummys kitchen.

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