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If there is one type of food that my husband goes wild for it is a sunday roast. He absolutely adores his meat and as a Brit nothing comes more natural than enjoying a roast dinner around the table with the family.

Though, the biggest arguement is often what kind of meat to enjoy. Personally I love chicken and beef the most but everyone is different. If you are inviting friends and family around to enjoy your roast lunch then I suggest going with Chicken because everybody loves it and it is incredibly cheap.

I have put it together with my favourite extras so that you can have the dream sunday lunch, just like mummy makes!!!


Perfect Sunday Lunch For The Whole Family1 medium sized chicken

Handful of parsley

2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

300ml chicken stock (for the gravy)

Medium bag of potatoes

4 tsp margarine

A medium selection of seasonal vegetables

1 chicken oxo cube

Yorkshire Pudding each

Stuffing Mix


First of all it is important to prepare your chicken and get it cooking and then you can concentrate your time on the other cooking tasks. So place your chicken on a clean chopping board and sprinkle the olive oil and parsley over the top so that it will have a lovely flavoured skin once cooked. You can also add some salt and pepper for extra flavour if desired.

Once you have done this peel and chop your potatoes and put a third of them aside. With the others put them into the shape of roast potatoes and add them to your roast tray along the sides of your chicken. Now place four teaspoons of margarine among the potatoes, and sprinkle some pepper and parsley over it.

Then place it in the oven as per your chicken instructions or until golden brown and cooked through. All chickens are different sizes so it is important that you follow the instructions thoroughly.

Once it is in the oven you can prepare the rest of your roast lunch…..

Chop your potatoes up into large cubes, and put them to boil in a pan of hot water, once they have boiled you can make them into mash and place in a ceramic dish ready for later.

While they are cooking I recommend that you chop and cook your vegetables, whatever is in season is best and I always try and go for root vegetables (leek, suede, parsnips) as they offer much more flavour and go very well with your sunday roast.

If you are a cheese sauce freak like me, I would recommend adding a cheese sauce to your vegetables for the total luxurious roast dinner.

And when they are cooked add them to another ceramic dish with some sprinked herbs on top (dried is fine).

Once this is done you can go about adding an extras to your sunday roast – I personally love to have some sage and onion stuffing, made into balls and after following the instructions on the packet, place them next to your roast potatoes 30 minutes before your roast is complete.

At this point you can add your mash and vegetables to the oven to warm it up prior to the final stages of cooking.

If you are a fan of Yorkshire Puddings you can also add these to your oven after it has been turned off and it will cook from the heat in the oven as you are dishing up the plates.

Last but not least, has to be the beautiful gravy. For the ultimate flavour test I recommend that you use the juices from your chicken, and mix it with a chicken oxo cube and it will make an amazing gravy. Alternatively for the busy mum nothing beats the gravy granules. I will simply leave the choice to you!!!

Well there you have it, that is my take on the perfect sunday lunch and a rather low priced version at that. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

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