25 January 2012, Comments 0

A few weeks ago my husband and I purchased a Philips Airfryer in our bid to reduce the amount of naughty calories that we have in our diet. I had read up on it several times and thought it would be really good – I am not one to go out and spend 200 € on some new kitchen gadget unless it is worth it.

But the Airfryer just seemed like something completely different and it would be so much nicer to reduce the amount of fat.

As a mother we have all been there when we are over worked and we just go for the easiest option and just think lets throw some chips in the frying pan and before you know it you are eating these kind of foods 2-3 times a week if not more.

But with the Airfryer if you had some chips in there every day for a month with just one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil it wont do you any harm at all. Not that you could eat like this – it would just be way too boring.

But a portion of chips in the Airfryer is like having some boiled potatoes – of course that amount of carbs would not be good for us but it wouldn’t cause weight gain and if you were having a lot of chips in the fryer before you would probably lose weight with the reduction of calories that you would be having.


It also crisps my food very well and makes things taste naughty when they are good for you and did I mention to my fellow mums that is even easy to clean with!!!!

You can find out more by clicking here.

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