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I always make a great effort with my Saturday night meals, in fact weekend meals in general are pretty special. During the week we are all busy doing our own thing and will eat our main meal at lunch time. Though at a weekend we will cook dinner together and then spend a couple of hours sat down at the table enjoying ourselves as we enjoy our food and drink.

If for example your family is on a budget you can have the same level of family enjoyment as you can dining in a restaurant. We tend to go out for dinner at lunchtime because it is the culture in Portugal and as the weather is so nice for the majority of the year it is nice to sit out in the sunshine as we eat.

Last weekend though, we decided to have a restaurant favourite for saturday night dinner – Sweet and sour chicken and it was fantastic maybe even better than what is served in the restaurants.

Here is the recipe in case you fancy treating yourself this weekend:


3 Chicken breasts chopped into medium pieces

1/4 Fresh pineapple diced

pinch of sugar

Jar of sweet and sour sauce

1/2 Fresh red pepper diced

2 Medium onions diced

Black pepper/salt to season


"Sweet and Sour Chicken"

All you have to do is place the ingredients either into your slow cooker or a casserole dish. Mix the ingredients together and then cook until cooked through. For a slow cooker it will take four hours and for the oven it will be done in half of that time.

Personally I prefer it in the slow cooker as when the pineapple and chicken cooks slowly it tastes so much better.

I suggest that you serve it up with homemade chips or rice. You can also include prawn crackers for the ultimate night in or start with crispy duck and pancakes for starters.

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To your food heaven

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