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According to goverment figures in England we waste a staggering amount of the food that we buy each week which is shocking considering many of us are struggling to survive financially right now.

The average family wastes £8 on unused food each and every week. So if you are trying to save money and you would like to do your bit for the environment at the same time this is your chance.

Deal with your leftovers straightaway – It is important that you sort out your leftovers straight away rather than leaving them overnight. The chances are if you leave them overnight you are less likely to deal with them. Then they will end up in your fridge and before you know it you will be throwing them out. If you have leftover pasta mix it with some nice spare sauce, stick it in your spare container and put it in the freezer.

Store your leftovers in spare tubs – I often use my margarine tubs for storage and they work very well for keeping your food well contained. You can also use glass jars and any other food storage container. Don’t waste your money buying containers when you can re-use things you already have.

Create a leftovers day – By saving your leftovers on a regular basis you can then have a leftovers day and this will mean a reduction in your shopping bill as you will be buying for six days instead of seven. You could have your frozen pasta bake and then just add some salad from your fridge to it.


If you think about it carefully I bet you could make some amazing savings and stop your food waste problem. Last month my son was poorly and wanted a pudding and we just got a stuffed orange with chocolate mousse out of the freezer for him without having to make him something from scratch. Which is also very convienient for the busy working mum.

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To your food heaven

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