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I love kebabs and they are so nice when they are cooked correctly. Obviously I am not including those that the chavs have on a saturday night that are used from old meat and look like they are covered in more calories than the cider they have already drunk.

No I am talking about real kebabs like the lovely ones we are lucky enough to get locally in Portugal.

The kind that we get when we go to a local barbecue or make together as a family at home when we want to go through some of our leftovers.

I always have a good stash of the sticks for using in kebab making in my cupboard so that whenever we fancy a nice kebab it never involves much effort!!

So here is my favourite beef kebabs and I hope you enjoy them and not to mention they are good for you.


Pack Beef Medalions

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

1 Green Pepper

2 Onions

Seasoning To Taste


"low calorie kebabs"First of all you need to dice your beef into thick cubes and soak for about 10 minutes in some soy sauce.

In the meantime chop some onions into cubes that are the same size as your beef and then do the same for some green pepper.

Once you have done this get your wok out and add some low calorie cooking spray to your wok along with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and once it is hot you need to add the beef once it is half cooked you need to add the peppers and onions.

When it is nearly cooked season it with some mixed spice, mixed herbs and a little mustard and then when it is cooked put it to one side.

In the meantime you need to make some sauce to go with your kebabs. I personally suggest you make a garlic sauce as it works really well together. I am a big fan of the Spanish garlic mayonnaise called Olioli.

If you don’t have any to hand just place a large tablespoon of  mayonnaise in a dish, add a squirt of lime juice and a teaspoon of garlic paste and mix it altogether.

Then the kebabs will have reached a handling temperature and you need to prepare them.

Add a piece of beef, followed by a piece of pepper and then onion. And then repeat. You want it so that you have 2 of everything on your kebab stick.

Then make enough to go around the rest of the family.

Then you can serve your tasty kebabs.

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