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Now this is one of the best easy winter dishes that I just love during the winter months before it gets into the spring season.

I specially love dishes that can be cooked without much preparation and require little work and washing up afterwards and the lamb hotpot especially fits into this sector.

This is also perfect for your slow cooker because lamb can be cooked slowly hence it increases the lovely flavour that the dish provides.

I always aim to have my crockpot set up and cooking from about 12noon and then it tends to be ready by the time you all want to eat in the evening.


2tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

2lbs Neck of Lamb (cut into chunks)

2 Onions peeled and chopped

3 Large carrots peeled and sliced

4 Large potatoes peeled and sliced

14oz Lamb Stock

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. First of all you need to turn on your crockpot on with its high setting. Then pour the oil over into the bottom of the crockpot so that it creates a nice surface for your hotpot.
  2. Add the carrots and onion and mix in the oil.
  3. Then add your lamb and cover for twenty minutes while you prepare your stock and potatoes.
  4. Now open your crockpot and stir your ingredients, add your stock and then neatly add the potatoes to the top.
  5. Then leave to cook for about five hours and if you want to eat later than this, two hours before it is due to be completed change the heat setting to low.

You now have yourself a fantastic Lamb Hotpot. I also suggest that you serve it up with some nice warm crusty bread or alternatively with some savoury rice.

"lamb hotpot"

The choice is yours – just remember to enjoy it.

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