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Even though I live in the sunny skies of Portugal we still have really cold winters just like most of the world. It gets warm from around March so we are now at that point when we are sick to death of the cold weather and all we want to do is have a walk by the beach.

However I should be grateful when I look at how bad the weather is in England.


With cold weather though comes a winter menu and I love cooking hot winter food that you can enjoy for hours with your family.

My personal favourite is the different pasta dishes that you can put together really quickly because they have you in complete food heaven. I am a father and I have found that the one food that my son will eat every single mouthful of is homemade pasta dishes. I am lucky enough to have a wife that loves cooking them for us so I always have something different to eat.

Pasta is also great for if your family is on a tight budget as there are many different home made pasta dishes that you can put together with a few simple fresh ingredients. Plus we all like different things so there is bound to be a pasta dish that you can call your favourite.

My father in law for example is a very fussy eater. When he grew up his mother used to let him eat whatever he wanted. This means that now as a grown up he hates both tomato and cheese sauce. Which as you can imagine limits most pasta dishes from been served to him. Thankfully he loves mushrooms so when we have him visiting we do a mushroom sauce for him.

If you are at the end of the week and getting close to your trip to the supermarket using leftovers in your fridge is a great way to use up your ingredients and make yourself an amazing meal. For example using the left over tomatoes in the bottom of your fridge, along with onions and some fresh herbs can make a perfect tomato pasta. Add some mince to it and a couple of eggs and then you can have all the major ingredients to make pasta meatballs. Which I know from personal experience is a great winner with the kids.

I will often come into the kitchen on a Saturday morning and find my wife making meatballs with my son ready for the evening meal. From all the noise I make they certainly enjoy doing it.


Go and find your favourite pasta dish from the leftovers and serve up an amazing warm dish this winter.

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To your food heaven


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