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What could be a better way of enjoying cooking than inviting your children into your cooking workspace. As well as being a fun activity it will also mean that your children will feel comfortable in the kitchen which will leave them well equipped for looking after themselves when they leave home in years to come.

Unfortunately it is often the case that if children venture into their cooking parents workspace they end up getting shouted at and told to leave things alone. Imagine the difference if they are actually welcomed into the cooking workspace and actively encouraged to get involved.

I find that a great way to invite your children into your cooking workspace is to buy them their own apron to wear whilst they are getting involved in the cooking. If you have a little boy who doesn’t want to wear an apron you could buy them one with a cartoon character printed on the front or perhaps their favourite football team, you will find that an apron like this usually does the trick.

You should then start to think of a simple recipe that your children can get started on so that there cooking experience is not just watching you. By letting them take an active part you will find that it gives them a great deal of confidence but they must also be made aware of the dangers within the cooking workspace such as hot pans and sharp knives.

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The great thing is, as they are getting actively involved they will not feel the need to touch things that they shouldn’t and they will also act with responsibility when faced with situations that they are not used to.

To start your children off in their cooking adventures you could look at recipes for biscuits which are easy to prepare but also involve the oven which will again go to demonstrate the need to respect the appliances within the kitchen.

The biscuits could the be decorated with sweets for example, and then it is important that the whole family sit down and eat the end product and congratulate the children on how well they have done, and how proud you are of them. You can see how much better this is for the family rather than telling the children to stay out of the cooking workspace and not to touch anything.

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