If You Want Children to Enjoy Their Food, Feed them Pasta

6 January 2010, Comments 0


It is very difficult to find a child on the planet who does not like macaroni and cheese, isn’t it? It is one of those foods that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For kids, macaroni and cheese is almost a staple in their diets. It is tasty and easy to eat. For parents, it is very easy to cook and serve. Because it has pasta in it, this dish is one of those kid favourites!

Pasta is a great choice for kids to eat because it is quick to prepare. It is also lower in calories and sugar (depending, of course, on what you add to it). It is easy for smaller children to eat because it is soft. Many little ones can simply pick it up with their fingers and eat it that way too!

You can add all sorts of things to pasta, and you can even hide healthy stuff in there! Some parents put a little olive oil and parmesan cheese on pasta and the kids love it. They are getting healthy fats and calcium, but they don’t know it. You can even purchase whole wheat pasta or the kind that is fortified with omega fatty acids to give your child some extra “brain food”.

"macaroni and cheese"

By cooking pasta on a regular basis, you will save yourself not only time but you will also save yourself those dinnertime arguments that kids often start when they find out what is being served.

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