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When it comes to diets I usually hear the same old story again and again from exactly the same people. Some of my friends can eat absolutely anything and not put an ounce of weight on whilst others, including me, really have to be careful because if we let ourselves go we certainly pay for it in the form of a few extra pounds.

That is fair enough and most people expect it but there are also my other group of friends who seem to be constantly on a  diet and whilst they are on the diet they are absolutely hell to be with. Goodness knows what it must be like for their family when they are going through these phases because even when they are out with me all they ever talk about is how many calories they have consumed on that particular day, not to mention the moodiness that goes with it.

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The thing is though, and I daren’t mention this to any of them, is that not one of them has ever lost weight and kept the weight off. What usually happens is that they will be determined to lose weight and stick to a daily diet of two litres of water and half a dozen water biscuits along with an apple if they have been good.

Apart from not even having the energy to brush their hair they look like they are going to faint at any time. The reason for the diet is usually an event such as a wedding but as soon as it is over the diet goes out of the window and they pile the pounds back on, usually ending up fatter than they were before they started and ready for the next diet.

Well, after watching two friends go through this torture for the second time in the space of six months I decided to do them a favour and see if there were any alternatives that might be more effective and see the result actually staying off.

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I had been hearing a lot about a new product that has hit the market which is earning rave reviews all round and that is Daniel Cooks latest offering, Hypnobodyblast. It is basically an hypnotherapy product which directs commands into your subconcious mind in order to make you slim. Now some people may be sceptical about hypnosis products such as this but I am a great fan. I sometimes use hypnosis to help me with my goal setting and I know several people who have stopped smoking successfully by using hypnosis.

With Hypnobodyblast you simply listen to the mp3 recording and leave your subconcious mind to get on with it. This part of your mind is so very powerful and it will do everything that it possibly can to enable you to reach your weight loss goals and the great thing is, you won’t even realise it.

I carried out my usual research to make sure that everything is above board and Daniel and Hypnobodyblast could not be any more squeaky clean. As you may have expected, when I told my friends about this weight loss method I was met by quite a bit of scepticism, not to mention laughter but when I told them, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so harsh, that none of the other diets that they have tried in the last five tears have worked, they started to show a little more interest.

"Hypno Body Blast"

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It is still early days so I can’t really report any major weight loss success stories but the progress is definitely encouraging and the benefit for me is that we can meet for lunch without me having to be careful what I say with regards to food, and they are also not half as grumpy as they were when they were in full ‘traditional diet mode’

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