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It seems like life is moving so fast these days that eating healthy is a hard task to accomplish. People are working, carting kids around town and generally just trying to get by with their daily lives. However, in order to encourage and maintain optimum health, it is so important to know how to start eating healthy and what to eat.

Although every person has slightly different dietary needs, overall we should all be eating a variation of the same healthy diet. This includes eating fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean protein. However, there are some rules even within the “good” food list. For instance, one should try to eat the fruits that are not as high in sugar. Grapes, for example, are high in sugar. That does not mean you should never eat grapes, of course, but you do not want to eat them in large amounts or every single day.

As far as carbohydrates, you want to focus on those that will break down into sugar at a slower speed in the body. For instance, a sweet potato would be preferable to a white potato because of the rate at which it breaks down.

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With vegetables, you want to eat a variety which includes every colour of the rainbow. Do not focus on just one vegetable that you like. Instead, aim for several servings a day with greens and vibrant colours alike such as spinach, red peppers and carrots. The more variety, the more nutrients you will receive.

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