How To Make The Perfect Chips In The Philips Air Fryer

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20 April 2012
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20 April 2012, Comments 0

So we have are Philips Air fryer for just over 7 months now and we are reasonably impressed with it. The only problem we had was making chips just how we liked them, we found it quite challenging.

The instruction manual pointed out that you will need to put the Air fryer on the top setting. We did this but found mostly the chips on the top were brown and crispy but the chips in the middle were still quite hard.

And the Daddy of the family obviously had the nicely done top ones!

So with about 3 months of messing around with the settings and using fat free spray and extra virgin olive oil we have I believe cracked how we love are low fat chip shop chips.

We only have 3 people in our household so making the chips this way is not a problem. I fill the grill pan up to the line with thick cut fresh potatoes. Then put the temperature on 165c for 25minutes.

I shake them every 10 minutes. I put I teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil in with a few sprays of fat free spray. I also put a few sprays of the fat free spray every time I shake the basket.

After the 25minutes the chips should be relatively soft, I could eat them like this but my wife likes them to be abit crispy. So I put the chips back on for a further 10 minutes with the fryer on full power.

I shake after 5 minutes without adding any more oil and when the air fryer pings the chips are lovely and crispy but most important they are succulent and all the chips are cooked evenly.

They taste gorgeous and I have to keep pinching myself that they are healthy chips and not soaking in fat. We also find that the air fryer does not have a problem cooking frozen chips on full power from the start. But they have more calories.

Imagine being able to have diet chips everyday and thoroughly enjoy them at the same time. Without the usual guilt. It is also not smelly like a fat fryer so your kitchen still smells nice!

It takes a while to get used to but once you are doing them regularly you’ll forget what dinner time was like before your airfryer.

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