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23 October 2022
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23 October 2022, Comments 0

We all know that variety is the spice of life, but for many of us, our lives are more bland than spicy. Well, there is one great way to get a little more spice, and that is literally in the kitchen. Getting creative in the kitchen can soon become a passion. It can allow you to explore new foods and taste adventures as well as experimenting with your own personality and creative side. What’s more, it’s a very useful skill to have. Who doesn’t want to show off their culinary prowess at their next dinner party? Okay, let’s discover a few ways to get creative in the kitchen.

Blend Your Own Spices 

Shop-bought spices are a standard. You can go wild experimenting with spices. There is such a vast array of different flavors out there. What’s to stop you from blending your own together to make your own beautiful and unique concoction? This gives you scope to make great pasta sauces or meat rubs to marinate that chicken with; think about stir-fries too, roasted vegetables, and more. How about something extra spicy, or how about trying some coffee beans or using marmite? Look in your cupboard. What strange and exotic flavors have been hiding there for months? Remember to check the use-by date, though. 


Most people go to the supermarket and purchase what they know. How many times have you walked past that strange-looking vegetable, wondered what it is, and ignored it on the way to the carrots? Well, if you want to get creative, buy those weird vegetables, find out what they are, and cook up a storm. You never know how much you might like something until you try it for the first time. Learning more about vegetables may also have the by-product of helping you make healthier foods instead of relying on unhealthy foods. 


Creating new recipes is a great adventure. You can start by learning more and more recipes, learning how to cook with new foods, and developing your ability to work with flavors. Getting recipes online or buying a recipe book will help you build your confidence. Once you have a good grounding, you can start making your open recipes. You can be as experimental and wild as you like, mixing dry-aged meat with much fresher flavors. The more you make, the more you experiment, and the better you will become. Soon it will be almost second nature to look in your cupboard and know what works and what doesn’t. 

Grow Your Own

What could be better than growing your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs? Learning more about the plant itself, its history, its natural habitat, and how it grows will give you a deeper understanding of the cooking experience. Not only will you be able to develop richer flavors with fresher ingredients, you will have knowledge that can be utilized when you throw those great dining parties. A great story behind some of your ingredients can make a useful anecdote when you need a conversation starter.  

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