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Like a great many people, if you are a little short of money at the moment it does not mean that you cannot eat in a healthy way.

 Sometimes it will take a little more work but nothing out of the ordinary and you will be surprised at how much money it is possible to save.

 One of the first things I advise people to do is to go to the market or fruit shop towards the end of the day and you will be amazed at how much money is knocked off perishable items such as fruit and vegetables.

"apples and bananas"

 You may find that there will also be a tray of bruised apples or brown bananas that many people wouldn’t even look twice at but I can assure you that they are perfectly edible and there are lots of things that you could do with them, how about a lovely smoothie for example which will be bursting with vitamins.

 You should also consider buying cheaper cuts of meat. If cooked properly or effectively seasoned and left to marinate for a longer period of time you will find that this extra effort during the cooking process will easily compensate for the quality of the meat.

 It is also quite common to see meat products greatly reduced when it comes to its sell by date and as you get used to visiting the supermarket at the end of the day you will start to become aware of the different types of meat that become reduced in price and more importantly where to find it.

 For instance a cheaper cut of beef when it is diced and put in a stew with lots of lovely vegetables and left to cook over a low heat for a slightly longer period of time will make an absolutely gorgeous meal for the family.

By just making a few subtle alterations to your food shopping can make such a massive difference to the shopping bill at the end of each week and the beauty of it is that you will more than likely be eating more healthily than you ever have.

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To your food heaven


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