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Probably like every other mother all over the country I really worry about the food that I give my child. You hear all sorts of horror stories and even though they often frighten the life out of me I sometimes wonder if they are just scare stories designed to make you choose one type of food over another.

All of the parents that I know take make sure that they give their children plenty of fruit and vegetables and we are lucky that here in Portugal there is such a wide choice of fresh fruit and vegetables which are not expensive, but I must say that I recently read an ebook which not only got me thinking but has actually pushed me into taking action about the diet of my family.

Howtobecomesugarfree.com really is an eye opener as it covers the dangers of sugar and how it can seriously damage your health. It should be noted that the natural sugars in fruit are not a problem but the kind of refined sugar that you find in so many of the foods that we eat today is where the real danger lies.

(If you would like to read more about how to become sugar free please click here)

The author of the ebook, Erna Hoek, used to have some big health problems relating to the consumption of sugar which lead to Anorexia and Bulimia but you have to hand it to her, she was determined to put things right with her health and she is now perfectly well and has managed to cut sugar out from her diet entirely.

The ebook details the problems that sugar can cause and more importantly, how you can cut it out of your diet without all of the usual withdrawal symptoms that the majority will experience.

I found that one section of the ebook really hit home with me because it goes on to explain how sugar cravings work and I have to admit that whilst I am working away on my computer I am often tempted by a cookie or two. On reading howtobecomesugarfree.com it became clear that when I eat one of these cookies it gives me an instant sugar rush and I seem to have more energy but that doesn’t last long and when that sugar rush fades I feel more tired than I did before. The next cookie gives me more energy again but then the same thing happens.

This puts pressure on various organs in my body and in my case this sugar thing is only very small but some people carry on in this way all day, every day. A scary fact is that in the second world war when sugar was severely rationed, heart disease was extremely rare so it certainly does get you thinking, doesn’t it?

I have started to take action already and there is a brilliant bonus which tells you how to incorporate sugar free products into your children’s diet without them feeling like they are missing out on anything. Erna has written the ebook in a way that is easy to follow and at only $24 I am really pleased with it.

Be warned that you may find some of the information slightly on the worrying side in that you will realise the damage you have been doing to your body over the years but at least you will be left in no doubt as to what you have to do to put things right again. Don’t forget that Erna has detailed a method so that you will not suffer from withdrawal symptoms which means that there really is an excellent chance that you will be able to banish sugar from your life and reap the many benefits for years to come.

"How to be Sugar Free"

To find out more about how to become sugar free please click here.

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