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Let’s face it, most people are self conscious about how they look and feel. The bottom line is that food can either make you feel great or make you feel a lot worse. Eating the right amount of calories is truly the key to making you feel awesome about yourself and also making sure you stay healthy. The recommended calorie diet for an average person is about 2000 calories a day. Believe it or not, but there are some people that eat way less than that and others who eat a lot more, but you need to figure out what caloric intake is right for you.

Do you exercise? If you exercise, then you should be in-taking a lot more calories than usual. Some experts recommend adding those calories onto your average daily intake. You want your body to stay strong and you don’t want it to falter while you are trying to stay healthy. Decide if you will be exercising regularly before you come to a conclusion on how many calories you should eat each day.

"How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?"Do you want to lose weight? Losing weight will also put you into a different caloric intake category. Depending on what you weigh, most people intake 1200-1500 calories a day when they are trying to lose weight. Some experts recommend in taking the amount of calories that you want to weigh. For example; if you want to weigh 150 pounds, then you would eat 1500 calories. If you want to weigh 200 pounds, then you will want to take in around 2,000 calories. Eating and exercising is the key to staying on a steady weight loss journey.

The average person should intake 2,000 calories or less, depending on their needs. It’s hard to put a number on what you should personally be taking. Eating 2000 calories of junk food and 2000 calories of nutritious food are two different things. It is okay to eat junk in moderation, but you really should be careful about what you are putting into your body. There are a ton of apps and websites out there that can help you know the amount of calories you should be eating every day. Once you start tracking how many calories you are eating on a daily basis, you might actually shock yourself. Eating thousands of calories is a lot easier than one might think.

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