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Yes we all love a good takeaway but given the choice would you rather have a takeaway or enjoy a tasty home cooked meal just like our mums used to make us in the good old days. I remember the gorgeous sunday roasts and the homemade lasagne that came with a lovely helping of salad.

How could you resist it?

With having a child you have to embrace the fast food culture but if I was childless I would probably go two years without any fastfood and I wouldn’t miss it at all.

There is so much fat in takeaways but it is the other bits that my wife hates she is part of the anti-salt crowd and dislikes the way you can’t have a mcdonalds without it being full to death of salt. Part of it is a scam though as they will over salt your order just so that you will spend more on drinks.

My wife reluctantly had a Mcdonalds at the weekend just to keep our son happy though the taste from the local restaurant serving roast dinners did get to be too much from time to time. Not to mention the fact that we were in a large shopping centre and the wiff from the local chinese restaurant with all the fresh produce was getting to us rather a lot. But you do it for the kids and would feel guilty if we had dragged him elsewhere.

If you are a fastfood addict why not make it yourself. By doing this you can be controlling every single item that goes into it and it is so much nicer to do it with the kids. Make a homemade pizza and let the kids decorate the top of it, they could even arrange the vegetables in a certain way so that it creates a smiley face. You could even make homemade beefburgers with a pack of minced beef that you have picked up on special offer at the supermarket.

For a more adult feel why not make your own curry rather than heading to the indian takeaway as there is so much rubbish in the ones that you buy and it will taste so much nicer. The spice jars last forever so the ingredients won’t actually cost you that much and you would be saving yourself an absolute fortune. You could even make your own chinese at home if that is more to your taste.

The ideas are endless and like the Asda advert you will have money spare in the back pocket of your jeans for once!

"home cooking"

Whether you want to enjoy home cooking or takeaways you can have the best of both knowing exactly what ingredients have been used and the savings that it has created for you.

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To your food heaven


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