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Healthy Eating is extremely important in order to have the best quality of life and eating healthy on a budget is a lot easier than you have ever though. Whether you live alone or are married with six kids you can still look after yourself through your diet. In today’s society with food being so cheap and obtainable even those that have a high salary are downgrading for the cheaper alternative.

As we are in a recession right now our trips to the local McDonalds have been replaced by eating at home, which I bet has devestated most kids. Just because you want the whole family to eat healthy doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have our treats once in a while. If we don’t have our treats the cravings will get way too strong and we would end up wasting time and energy on binge eating.

If you like to have a Mcdonalds and the budget now stops you from doing this create it yourself at home. For what it costs you at McDonalds for just one of you can cover the cost for four of you if made from scratch at home.

Make homemade cheeseburgers with chunky chips and make your own sauce to go with it so that you all feel extra special. Or when your next down the supermarket and the chicken pieces are on offer take the opportunity to purchase it and make your kids some homemade nuggets and they will love you forever for it.


There is a lot of salt in a McDonalds and this is not good for you but if you make it yourself from scratch you can control exactly what they eat. It is so much nicer to know what goes into your product that you sit down at the table and eat when you go to McDonalds you really don’t have a clue what is in it and this can be worrying sometimes.

Kids also adore making homemade milkshakes so why not take the plunge and make some with the kids that they would normally have at McDonalds and include extra fruit in it to make it extra healthy.

This is just an idea about adopting a healthy diet and still enjoying the food that a fast food establishment offers now I have given you some great ideas with McDonalds imagine what you could do with the other places you like.

Enjoy some home cooked KFC or a wonderful pizza that the kids have personally decorated that looks better than the ones on offer at PizZa Hut. Remember the ideas are amazing you just have to put them into practice!

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