28 February 2012, Comments 0
With locations in London and New York City, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant focuses on quality ingredients, imaginative flavor combinations, and simple preservations. The dishes are served in small portions, enabling patrons to savor a wide variety of tastes in one visit. This cookbook gives readers the opportunity to cook the Maze way. But it is more than a collection of the restaurant’s best recipes. The book explains how each dish would be served in the restaurant, following which additional recipes are offered using the same ingredients. Each signature dish — for example, Braised Shin of Veal with Pea Risotto and Butter-Roasted Cod with Silky Mash and Spiced Lentils — is followed by two additional recipes using the same ingredients and geared to the home cook. Covering starters, entrees, and desserts, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze shows how to make meals both artful and delicious, all highlighted by Ditte Isager’s gorgeous photographs.

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