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There are many great cooks all over the world and the vast majority of them have not received any kind of training at all. So what makes them good cooks who are able to produce dishes that can really take your breath away with flavours and ingredients that mere mortals would not even consider.

The simple answer to this is that to be a good cook you must have a passion in the kitchen. You must absolutely love what you are doing and as with any other walk of life, if you love what you do it will come shining through in everything that you do do.

"cooking passion"A fine example of this passion in the kitchen are the countless grandmothers and mothers all around the world who are able to produce dishes, it doesn’t matter if it is a meal for 10 people or a snack for one person, that knock your taste buds for six and leave begging for more. It is often the case that these ladies haven’t attended an expensive cookery course or been to college, they just have a passion for cooking the very best for their loved ones, and over the years their cookery skills have got to such an advanced stage that they will be able to more or less cook anything that they wish.

Anything that is cooked with a passion will always taste better than something that is cooked half heartedly and that is why I always choose a restaurant if I am eating out, with a chef who is recognised as being a passionate cook, it really does make all of the difference.

One of the main problems why some people are not passionate in the kitchen is that for them, cookery has become something of a drudgery, cooking the same few dishes week after week can have that effect on anyone. If you want to start working with passion in the kitchen you should start to experiment with your cooking and you will then find that the enjoyment will start to appear, and then in turn you will find a passion in the kitchen and the food that you produce will start to reflect this new found enthusiasm.

It is amazing to think how different the same dishes can taste when cooked by two people, one with passion in the kitchen and one without.

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