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As the days are getting longer and the climate starts to get warmer it is time to start thinking about a change of diet and to start to incorporate different aspects to your diet which are more suitable for the hopefully, warmer weather.

The days of the heavy meals that seem to make you feel tired just by thinking about them should be replaced by light salads and fruit based dishes which will make you feel fresher and ready to take on the warm summer days.

You can’t really go wrong with salads but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that salads should only consist of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Use your imagination because salads can really consist of anything that takes your fancy so all you really have to do is experiment. You could base the salad around some chopped lettuce and onion and then throw in some chopped fruit, peppers, anything you can think of and you could very well be surprised by the compliments you get when you feed your family and guests.

Something else that can make so much difference as far as salads go is the type of dressing that you use. You could make your own if funds are tight but if you take a look what can be bought at the supermarket you will find that it is usually much less hassle and such a great time saver.


A summer snack that is easy to knock up and ideal for when you and your family are a little peckish between meals is to use left over salad and eat them with some lovely dips. It is just a case of slicing up some celery, carrots and even peppers and serving them with a variety of dips. There are many dips to choose from such as salsa dips, sour cream dips and hot chilli dips. Place the sliced carrots etc around a plate with the dip in the middle and simply leave everyone to get stuck in. Snacks like this are absolutely gorgeous and ideally lend themselves to a warm sunny day in the garden where everyone can have a nibble if and when they please.

Snacks like this make such a refreshing change from the heavy diet that is eaten in the winter and leave you feeling far lighter and ready to face the day.

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