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In today’s fast and furious world, there is hardly time to stop and chill out, and one of the big time-consuming chores of the day is the evening dinner preparation.  We’ve all been there, you’ve been working all day, or maybe running the kids about, trying to organize this and that; and then it comes to meal time and the last thing you really feel like doing is slaving over the cooker.  Very often everybody wants something different, or if they are in agreement, you don’t have the necessary ingredients to put it together.

 Well, there is now an online e-book that promises to solve all this in the form of ‘Frugal Mom’s Guide To Once A Month Cooking’.  This publication by Candace Anderson, basically highlights the possibility of selecting just one day a month, probably at a weekend, and doing a whole month’s cooking on that particular day.  That undoubtedly would be one very busy day, but it would then release so much more free time over the rest of the month, that it may well be an ingenious idea.

(If you would like to find out more about Frugal Mom’s guide to once a month cooking please click here.)

 The book gives a 5 step plan, to create all manner of meals from various combinations.  Amongst the 70+ recipes are creations such as: Mexican Beef Casserole, Stuffed Burger Pockets, Baked Herb Chicken, Angel Pork Chops, English Muffin Pizzas and Cheesy Double Baked Potatoes.  The book formulates dates and menus, creates shopping lists, maps cooking sessions and provides processes of plastic wrap, freezer bag and baking dish freezing guidelines.

 The recipes are split into 4 different categories: Beef, Chicken, Pork and Potpourri.  Also included in the package are a selection of forms including: Master Plan Work Sheets, Cooking Session Maps – together with samples, Master Ingredient Lists and a Meal Calendar.  As an extra, there is also an additional e-book supplied entitled: Bulk Cooking For The Freezer – Ground Beef.

 The book promises to create an easier way of life and there may well be something in this.  In addition it guarantees 24 hours support to ensure there is always someone to turn to.  There should also be monthly savings involved, which in today’s climate can make a huge difference to family life.

"Frugal Mom's Guide"

 As an e-book there is immediate delivery as a downloaded product; and so confident is the author of success that there is an offer of a no questions asked, money back guarantee, within 30 days, if not satisfied.  At $12.95, it is not too great an outlay in the first place anyway; although there may be an initial need to purchase a larger freezer!

If you would like to find out more about Frugal Mom’s guide to once a month cooking please click here.

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