Forget Fruit and Vegetable Portions and Still Be Healthy

13 March 2011, Comments 0

Many dieters believe that consuming five servings or portions of fruits and vegetable each day is the best way to achieve a healthy body. Well, this belief is no longer true because recent studies show that achieving a healthy and disease-resistant body is possible if we consume a minimum of eight servings or portions of fruits and vegetables.

I personally do not believe in portioning the amount of food I eat. I am a conscious or should I say healthy eater. I eat what I want but I eat only when I am hungry and I stop when I am satisfied. I stop eating not because I am full but because I am already satisfied. You see, sometimes we are not really hungry but rather we are just having an episode of cravings, and when I have eaten the food I want and I am already pleased, I stop even if there are few bites left on my plate.

Based on the World Health Organization, a total of 14 ounces of vegetables must be included in your diet. Well, I have nothing against this because I love vegetables. However, I still do not follow this strict portion system. I mean, how does an ordinary person measure 14 ounces? I have to admit that at the back of my head I know how much calories my body needs to function well and so I eat almost anything that is healthy and I exercise.

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There are some claims that eating more than 14 ounces of fruits and vegetables are even healthier. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immunity and prevent common diseases. In fact, the study reveals that people who are consuming more than this amount have a lower chance of developing heart condition. They have 22 percent lower chances of experiencing heart diseases compared to those consuming only three servings of fruits and vegetables.

This result got me thinking that, indeed, measuring the amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat everyday doesn’t really matter. You can eat fruits and vegetables as much as you want because it enhances your defense against sickness.

The study subjected 300,000 individuals from various countries. Their health and diets were observed. According to experts, people who consume more vegetables are less likely to develop a common heart condition called ischaemic heart disease or IHD. Researchers also claimed that if a person consumes small amount of fruits and vegetables, say two to three servings only. If this amount is increased, your risk of dying by heart ailments is reduced by four percent.

Overall, the study only wants to tell us that eating lots of vegetables and fruits is good for our bodies. Forget portioning, just eat healthy and never forget to exercise.

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