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If you really want to forge ahead with your cooking skills it is highly recommended that you find yourself a mentor who will guide you along the way. I am not saying that you have to splash out a fortune by paying someone to personally teach you all that they know (that is unless you can afford it) but by following the books and videos of your chosen cooking mentor you really can learn so much.

What is important is that when you find your cooking mentor you actually stick with them. The reason I am saying this is that you will soon realise that there is not a set way to cook and many chefs have their own methods along with a variety of tips and tricks,. If you start to follow several different chefs you will soon find yourself confused and dare I say it, overwhelmed by all of the different cooking methods that are being explained to you.

Using myself as an example, my cooking mentor is Gordon Ramsay and as a result of reading his books and watching his videos and television programmes I am now a far better cook than I was only a few years ago. I love his style of cooking and that most definitely helps because when I am following his recipe’s I am really enjoying myself and this really shows up in my cooking.

"Gordon Ramsay"You may not like Gordon Ramsay and would rather follow someone like Jamie Oliver, but whoever you choose as your mentor, you must like them, you must enjoy eating the food that they seem to specialise in and most importantly, you must be prepared to at least have a go at trying out some of their recipe’s, you will be amazed at the number of people who don’t even try and let any cookery books simply gather dust on the shelves.

After all, having a go and making mistakes along the way is all part of the fun and if you let your family join in you will be amazed at what a centre of fun the kitchen will become. There is nothing like it when you all follow the instructions of your cooking mentor and prepare a lovely meal that you can all sit down and enjoy after all of the hard work has been done. Just make sure that it is not you that has to do the washing up!

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