Feed Your Family for $7 – Healthy Family Cooking That You Can Enjoy Without Breaking The Bank

31 August 2010, Comments 0

With money now still being tight since the recent recession (my country Portugal is still in the recession) I have decided to show you how easy it is cook wonderful family meals at home for very little money.


Our main objective is to make these recipes healthy so that you are your children are getting all the nutrients that they need.


My other objective is to offer meals that will have you and your family full without feeling that you have just endured half portions.


In my new cookery section I will be posting meals that won’t break the bank and my aim is to feed the family on no more than $7, as I use the euro as my main currency this $7 at the time of writing equates to 5euros so this will be my challenge.


I am doing this section as I like to challenge myself and it also keeps me on my toes with my blog being able to add new sections and keep it fresh for my readers. I hope this section is going to keep you glued to my blog.


Through this section I hope to give you some different ideas about how to feed your family on a budget of just $7 with some exciting new and refreshing idea’s which I hope you will give them a try then post back on here.


If anyone out there has any great ideas please post them here and I will try and add your recipes as well as my own to give my readers some different choices and ideas.


Thanks for reading my blog post and in the meantime if you would like to read more of my fantastic healthy eating tips and food recipes you can subscribe to my RSS feed or join my free online Ezine.

To your food heaven




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